Few things can be as breathtaking as a well-decorated kitchen. The kitchen is no longer a place for just cooking, but a place for conversation and relaxation. Under cabinet lighting that highlights the cabinets as well as the tiles of your kitchen backsplash, coordinated with the hue and surface of a high quality countertop can work wonders for the look and feel of your kitchen.


A space within your home that we like to enjoy in comfort and style. We offer a multitude of options for your bathroom walls, floors, and fixtures. Every detail from a faucet handle to installing a Jacuzzi tub is important in achieving a perfect harmony of colors, style and quality.


The basement is often discarded as a cold, damp place to stack storage boxes. We can help transform an uninviting, underutilized space to uncover the great potential that basements can have. Create a versatile space where you can hang out, entertain, watch movies, exercise, and much, much more.


We cannot imagine constructing new homes and spaces without the finishing touch of wood that complements any newly designed space. In our workshop, we build to capture all of your design necessities, such as radiators, bookshelves, tv shelves, and molding/trims.

Home Additions

Adding a kitchen, bathroom or bedroom can be more easy and affordable than you think. With our many years of experience, we can help design a home addition that is consistent with the rest of your home, resulting in a space perfect for your needs.

Decks and Patios

Outdoor ideas. A space in which you can become one with nature, in limitless styles made with wood or iron. A beautiful deck or patio can capture your attention in an instant.